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  • UV Accelerated Weathering Test Machine
UV Accelerated Weathering Test Machine

UV Accelerated Weathering Test Machine

 Accelerated uv aging test machine and uv test chamber For Plastic Paint Rubber / Electric Materials Testuses fluorescent ultraviolet lamps and condensed water to simulate sunlight and dew conditions respectively. For example: fading, discoloration, loss of light, cracking, turbidity, blistering, embrittlement, strengthening, recession and oxidation, etc.


Structure Profile1.Equipment shell and inner room are selected high quality SUS304,The most advanced processing equipment in China is used for processing and forming;

2.The surface of the shell is sprayed with plastic,beautiful,smooth.Color coordination,smooth line;

3.The defects of surface damage caused by aluminum plate surface spraying are avoided.The equipment workshop is equipped with a humidifying heater,liquid level switch,blackboard temperature sensor etc,It also has eight ultraviolet radiation fluorescent and UV radiometer

4.High quality immovable PU wheel is installed at the bottom of the machine,The machine can be moved to the specified location easily,Finally, the caster is fixed;


Centre distance of light
Closest parallel plane distance from test specimen to light surface
About 50mm
Wavelength range
UV-A Wavelength range:315~400nm
UV-B Wavelength range 290~313nm
Radiation intensity
Temperature resolution
Luminous temperature range
50℃~70℃/Temperature tolerance±3℃
Condensation temperature range
40℃~60℃/Temperature tolerance±3℃
Blackboard thermometer measuring range
Humidity range
About 45%~70%R.H(Illumination condition)/Above 98%(condensation status)
Sink requirements
Water maximum depth is 25mm,there is an automatic water supply controller
Standard specimen size
Control type
Temperature control type
Control mode
PID Self setting temperature control mode
External box size
Net weight
About 150kg

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