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Dongguan Shengtai Instrument Co.,Ltd. is by virtue of leading the industry's product technology, improve the quality system and provide premium services to trelevant manufacturers .Over the years R & D and production in line with ASTM, JIS, ISO, IEC, UL, GB, GJB standard test equipment services research institutions, institutions.
bber and plastic testing equipment : universal testing machine, melt flow indexer, melting point tester, thermal deformation Vicat test machine, izod and charpy impact testing machine,rotorless rheometer and mooney viscometer etc . 
2,Injection molding machine for small lab model and small lab model extruder, etc.
2, Environmental testing equipment : constant temperature and humidity box and room, hot and cold impact test chamber, rain test chamber, UV light, xenon lamp weathering chamber, oven, aging box, high temperature and high pressure steam aging test chamber, vacuum box , Rapid temperature change test chamber etc .
3, Electronic and safety combustion testing equipment : wire and cable testing equipment, electrical and electronic products, materials, combustion performance testing equipment, plugs and sockets, switch life test equipment, waterproof test equipment.
4, rapid moisture analyzer, gravity balance etc . 
Corporate Philosophy
1,Create value for customers and employees. 
2,Be a reliable company and reliable products 
3,Excellent performance is the most intelligent investment behavior
4,Innovation and differentiation proudcts is the source of company development and power
Corporate Culture
1, Loyal and kind
2, Give up, or face
3, Procrastination is a disease
4, no results of the efforts are futile

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