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  • dsc differential scanning calorimeter
dsc differential scanning calorimeter

dsc differential scanning calorimeter

  ISO 11357-6   1999 Differential Scanning Calorimeter/Plastic DSC Analyzer 

Plastic DSC Analyzer Summary:

The DSC is a touch screen type, specially testing polymer material oxidation induction period test, customer one-key operation, software automatic operation.

Conforming the following standards: GB/T 19466.6- 2009/ISO 11357-6:1999


Plastic DSC Analyzer Features:

1.Industrial level widescreen touch structure is rich in information, including setting temperature, sample temperature, oxygen flow, nitrogen flow, differential thermal signal, various switch states, etc.

2. USB communication interface, strong universality, reliable communication, support self-restoring connection function.

3. The furnace structure is compact, and the rate of rising and cooling is adjustable.

4. The installation process is improved, and the mechanical fixation method is adopted to completely avoid the contamination of the internal colloidal of the furnace to the differential heat signal.

5. The furnace is heated by heating wire, compact structure and small size.

6. The double temperature probe ensures the high repeatability of the sample temperature measurement, and adopts the special temperature control technology to control the temperature of the furnace wall to set the temperature of the sample.

7. The gas flow meter automatically switches between two channels of gas, with fast switching speed and short stable time.

8. Standard sample is provided for easy adjustment of temperature coefficient.

9. Software support each resolution screen, automatically adjust the computer screen size curve display mode. Support laptop, desktop; Support Win2000, XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 and other operating systems.

10. Support user edit device operation mode according to actual needs to achieve full automation of measurement steps. The software provides dozens of instructions, and users can flexibly combine and save each instruction according to their own measurement steps. Complex operations are reduced to one-click operations.

Warranty one year
Packed in export wooden case

Plastic DSC Analyzer Parameters:

1. Temperature range: RT-500℃

2. Temperature resolution:0.01℃

3. Heating rate: 0.1~80℃/min  

4. Cooling rate: 0.1~30℃/min  

5. Constant temperature: RT-500℃

6. Duration of constant temperature: The duration is recommended to be less than 24 hours.

7. Temperature control mode: Constant temperature rise, constant temperature

8. DSC range: 0~±500mW

9. DSC resolution: 0.01mW

10. DSC sensitivity: 0.01mW

11. Working power: AC 220V 50Hz 300W or other

12. Atmosphere control gas: Two-channel gas control by automatic controlled (e.g. nitrogen and oxygen)

13. Gas flow:0-200mL/min

14. Gas pressure:0.2MPa

15. Gas flow accuracy: 0.2mL/min

16. Crucible: Aluminium crucible  6.7*3mm  (Diameter * High)

17. Calibration standard: with standard material (indium, tin, zinc), users can adjust the temperature by themselves

18. Data interface: Standard USB interface

19. Display mode: 7-inch touch screen

20. Output mode: computer and printer

21. Fully closed support structure design, prevent items falling into the furnace body, pollution of the furnace body, reduce the maintenance rate

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